By combining qualitative deepening and quantitative measures, we offer you a well-founded, differentiated and reliable decision-making aid. No methodical specialisation obliges us to prefer a method, we have the freedom to recommend what is appropriate to the problem: transparent – inspiring – productive.


Practice-oriented instead of dogmatic. Creative instead of fixed. Our range of research methods method is our toolbox from which we select the suitable tool. And our experience has taught us,
that you can do very different things with one and the same tool. Just like a screwdriver cannot only loosen screws. Our toolbox is not a closed system. There are tools from different times.


There are methods that have proven their worth and prevailed and
whose strength remains unbroken even under the constant changes of society. These are the methods you will find in most market research companies. But the „classic“ quality of these methods is not that they have been around for so long, or that they are the methods everyone uses. The „classic“ is based on the genuineness and authenticity of the methods. In their classical form they have the incorruptibility that a market research instrument needs.


The questions in market research are becoming increasingly diverse, the desire for even finer distinctions between target groups is growing. And the conditions under which market research is conducted are also becoming more difficult. Social changes, e.g. of a legal nature, an increasing number and mobility of target groups or a growing scepticism towards surveys require a constant development of market research strategies and methods.For us, modern means: incorporating these changes into our thinking. To find new ways of addressing and to move more and more towards the respondents. More than ever, we see ourselves also as a service provider for the respondents. We meet them in the truest sense of the word so that their opinions do not go unheard.


Curiosity is our drive and we want to remain curious. We are open to new developments. Therefore, we keep track of the new research methods that are emerging around us and also develop our own ideas. We do not blindly rely on technology and do not follow every trend. Only if an idea at least lives up to its promises, has it found a new fan in us. Nevertheless, we continue to keep our critical distance, especially with the new media. We can only understand and trust if we know who we are talking to. And often the advantage of the new media is lost if we take this aspiration seriously. For us, innovation means further development without having to make sacrifices.