Our CATI structure meets every requirement for the fast and reliable implementation of telephone studies. Ad-hoc samples, even with a low incidence, are therefore just as little a problem as nationally representative studies. Cross-border, multilingual research can also be carried out without problems, both technically and in terms of personnel. With the Yellow Cab instrument, a cost-reducing multi-theme module is available.


  • Standardization and supervision of the survey:
    Dialing, scheduling, workflow, filtering, rotation of questions are controlled by the system and not by the interviewer: thereby errors are avoided. Each interviewer workstation can be monitored by the supervisor as well as controlled by listening-in.
  • High sample coverage:
    A so-called „predictive dialer“ automatically dials randomly generated numbers and only connects to the interviewer when the connection has been established. This accelerates the field work, reduces the number of unnecessary dialing attempts and increases the coverage and representativeness of the sample. The interviewer can fully concentrate on his task.
  • Transparency for the client:
    The client can follow the progress of the survey online and thus get an idea of the current status of the field work.


characterize the atmosphere in our call center.

This is particularly important to us, as it counteracts the increasingly difficult acceptance of telephone surveys.

This is important to us as it is a prerequisite for an open and honest response from the target group and a good coverage, but also because every single contact with the respondents is a touchpoint with our industry.

As market researchers, we live from this open and trusting relationship with our respondents and want our counterparts to feel this.

Therefore, all interviewers are assigned supervisors, who intervene to control, correct and motivate.


By the way, with the same technical equipment, we can also conduct face-to-face interviews in the studio or at the POS.

This leads to synergy effects in programming,
analysis and interviewer training and of course the entire performance spectrum of our CATI software suite, such as filter navigation and automatic questionnaire routing, is also available here.

At the same time, however, we are also using online-based survey solutions that give us additional flexibility for both in-house surveys and surveys in studios and at the POS.