For more than 35 years we have been working in different research fields, but over a very long period of time we have had a focus on classical market research. Although we have always been familiar with the different research fields, we have been able to sharpen our profile in recent years and still cover three major topics.


The processing of questions for private clients and companies plays a central role in our company and therefore represents the largest business area. Regardless of the size of the company or the sector, in addition to the satisfaction of our client and the answering of the question, we have a clear concern: All those involved in a research project, especially the respondents, should be able to feel comfortable at all times during the survey:

For us, people are the center of attention.


Questions about tourism have always been in good hands with us. For some of our long-standing clients we have been doing research in this field for years.

With Mr. Hallerbach’s entry into this field of research, however, a decisive deepening has taken place. Not only through his proven expertise and his long research experience in tourism research, but also through the incorporation of new topics and the combination of tourism research with elements of qualitative market research, which until now has only been found in market research.


In this research area, too, the first cooperation with public clients and the processing of social research topics took place in the founding years of the institute.