Because the success of your product or your company is close to our hearts, we place people at the center of our thinking. Whether product, concept or idea.
Success is decided by the customers, consciously or unconsciously. We find out which opportunities and risks exist, which drivers and barriers are involved.

  • Classic methods are offered at T.I.P. in the form of group discussions, in-depth interviews and telephone interviews.
  • Modern methods you will find at T.I.P. in the form of creative groups and creative workshops, self-developed methods of retail research or a combination of telephone and online research.
  • Innovations you will find with us, for example, in the form of assisted online surveys, personally recruited focus groups on the Internet (moderated blogs) or in the form of diaries, such as home-use tests.


Brand research is all  about personality.
The personality of the brand, but also the personality of the customer. We prefer to approach the interplay between brand message, brand perception and the consumer’s world of needs and experiences with qualitative methods and like to test the results with quantitative methods.


You have a finished product? You want to build on previous success and go one step further? Or are you looking for new ways of communication and marketing? Also in these cases: The customer decides.

Whether in vivo, in the studio or virtually: We have in the course of the institute’s history accompanied countless products, promotions or line extensions and learned one thing in the process: The power of an idea and the stimuli triggered by this idea can only be understood by a market researcher if he meets customers with an open mind and without expectations.


New ideas and concepts arise from enthusiasm and commitment. This means that they are naturally connected with hopes and expectations. In business life it is therefore always useful to test ideas and concepts at an early stage. We do this with enthusiasm because we love new ideas. Nevertheless, we maintain the necessary distance and let the consumer decide. But in doing so, we do not just pay attention to what „works“ or „doesn’t work“. We are also always interested in the idea behind it. Even if a concept doesn’t work that way, there is a good idea behind every idea somewhere. So you are definitely a winner with us.