Our Mission

There is guiding idea behind T.I.P. BIEHL & PARTNER: driven by curiosity and the constant desire to know more, we ask the world to us. As a company with over twenty years of history, this process has contributed greatly to experiences and lessons learned during this time. Successful market research depends on the collaboration with our customers. We are positive that prefabricated research rarely does justice to the questions of our customers. At T.I.P. BIEHL & PARTNER, we recognize the individuality of every question and place it in the centre of our attention. This shapes our mission in the research process.


in the research process

Your question inspires us. We would like to use this inspiration to discuss, discover and to go deeper into the subject together with you.

through openness

Inspiration draws from openness. Even with routine and recurring problems, there are always new paths to explore and new things to discover. Thinking ahead rather than reproducing.

through results

Not only displaying facts, but also contemplating potential and revealing new ways. The status quo is not enough. We look beyond the results and glance into the future.